Kirsten J. Tilleman

Kirsten (she/her) is a multimodal, transit and rail safety and security specialist who’s helped transit agencies across the United States apply research and analysis to system management and policies.

As a safety and security specialist, Kirsten leverages her strong background applying technical, social and economic analysis to policy and management systems. Her experience includes risk-based transit system safety and security data gathering, analysis, planning, and certification; technical writing and editing; application of industry best practice, including the MIL-STD-882 process and safety management systems (SMS); and compliance with various safety/security (e.g., 49 CFR Parts 673 and 674) and environmental (e.g., Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and Executive Order 12898) regulations and guidance.

With a master’s degree from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State’s College of Forestry and University Honors College, Kirsten uses her technical knowledge and her experience as an NCAA basketball athlete to positively effect change in both ecosystems and socio-political systems.

Kirsten is passionate about mentorship and uplifting the people around her. Her history of project work and athletics reinforces what it means to be both a leader and a team player. Time management, communication, and perseverance help her thrive in adverse situations—necessities when balancing the demands of a fast-paced consulting world with professional society involvement, volunteering, training for the next race, and enjoying hobbies like ceramics.

Interested in connecting with an ambitious, organized, and creative problem-solver? 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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